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Wear & Tear From $495

Protect all of the high-use areas on your vehicle from just $495.

The Wear & Tear package covers the door cups, door sills, door edges and the rear bumper top (otherwise known as the load lip for your boot).

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Self-healing properties

Don't worry about scratches on the paint protection film bringing down the look of your car. Not only is the film invisible to the human eye, any light scratches self heal keeping your paintwork looking flawless.

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Watch as we install paint protection film on this customer’s car, so you can see our process for yourself.

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It's actually quite common that customers request high impact areas such as the front bumper, door cups and areas of the door that often get scuffed or dinged.

It is then possible to add more protective film later, if you're trying to save money or do things in stages.

We also offer payment plans so that you can fully protect your vehicle without having to outlay the full cost up-front.
No, we provide that service as a part of the paint protection film installation to ensure that the finished product looks flawless and protected.
Just a regular wash with car shampoo, rinse with water and dry off with a microfibre towel/cloths.

You don't have to worry about swirl or scratch marks from cleaning as the film has self-healing properties and will continue to look flawless.
Firstly, there are different levels and quality of paint protection film. We use the best PPF on the market from 3M and SunTek.

PPF is a difficult product to install, especially for a novice DIYer. The templates come printed flat and they need to be stretched, applied with the right lubricants and adhesives and they more often than not need to be trimmed.

If you care about your car enough to be thinking of paint protection film, you'll want it installed professionally so that the finished product is immaculate. Otherwise, poorly installed PPF can look extremly tacky and pull down the overall look and feel of your vehicle.
AAA Windscreens have precise film cutting software and hardware that allow us to use the most expensive part of PPF (the film itself) sparingly by having precise templates for each panel of each vehicle cut out of a panel of film.

These templates are printed and cut very tightly and efficiently on our rolls of film, meaning that there is minimal waste. You can see an example of this in the image to the right (on desktop) or above (on mobile) of this FAQ section.

Because most paint protection film installers in Perth don't have these machines, they use a lot more material over the vehicle and have to trim everything manually, meaning that their material costs and time installing the product is higher.

That's how we're able to install quality PPF from 3M and SunTek at such affordable rates.