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Quality, USA-Made car window tint, supplied and installed from just $249.

Tinted car windows not only look sleek and stylish but also improve the functionality of your car. At AAA Windscreens and Tinting we have a state-of-the-art tinting booth that guarantees precision for a flawless finish. Tinting can protect the interior of your car against cracks and reduce the effect of glare on your eyes. This means no more straining or eye fatigue, improving your driver experience, comfort, and safety.

The tint we use has a durable scratch resistant finish and is guaranteed against colour change, all whilst improving the overall look of your vehicle. But tinting doesn’t only look amazing; it provides great protection from the sun. By getting your windows tinted with AAA you will be blocking out 99% of UV radiation, 68% of solar energy, and giving you and your passengers protection up to 280+ SPF. Tinting will also increase the shatter resistance of your windows providing safety and security.

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AAA Windscreens and Tinting utilises the latest technology to provide a wide range of tints. You don’t need to get the darkest legal tint to get the most protection; we offer films that use technology that enables UV and infrared protection whilst maintaining visibility integrity.

If you have a car fitted with privacy windows from factory we can use a film that will improve the sun protection of your vehicle, without making the windows too dark. AAA Windscreens and Tinting are the experts when it comes to car window tinting in Perth, that’s why we offer a lifetime guarantee on all tinting jobs. Contact us today for expert advice on car window tinting and to book your car in for a sleek and functional upgrade.

Auto Tint Films

AAA Windscrens and Tinting only use trusted, quality tint films from 3M and Solar Gard.

We know that other companies claim to have 'exclusive tint films', but these films often come from the same manufacturer and are just rebranded.

From basic tints to the latest, cutting edge ceramic tint films - AAA Windscreens and Tinting not only provide excellent product but provide a high standard of installation at prices that the competition struggle to compete with.

3M Colour Stable Tint

From just $249

Blocks up to 95% of visible light

Blocks 99% of ultra-violet light

Non-metalised film - doesn’t block mobile or GPS signals

Backed by a lifetime warranty

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Solar Gard Ceramic Vortex 35

From just $330

Blocks 96% infrared rays

Solar energy rejection up to 52%

Blocks 99% of UV rays

SPF 285+

Signal friendly - allows mobile and GPS

Lifetime warranty

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3M Ceramic

From just $345

Rejects up to 66% of solar energy

95% infrared heat rejection

Blocks 99% of ultra-violet light

SPF 1000

Non-metalised film - doesn’t block mobile or GPS signals

Backed by a lifetime warranty

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Two locations in Perth


5/1270 Albany Hwy

(08) 9258 5363


53B Dixon Rd

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AAA Windscreens and Tinting is your expert provider for all things tinting and glass in Perth. With two conveniently located stores in Rockingham and Cannington, as well as mobile windscreen replacement.

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